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Frank Hunter

Frank Hunter

Tampa, FL


Frank L. Hunter, painter of people and travel.
At the age of eight or nine in my grandparents home in Sardinia Ohio I was drawing all the Norfolk and Western locomotives and copying cartoons from the Saturday Evening Post. I won a watercolor first prize ribbon at the age of twelve at the Norfolk and Western Employee art show in Roanoke, Virginia. My grandparents always said of me "that he is going to be an artist someday. That said, my parents bought me a trumpet when I was in the fifth grade and art work was never on my mind until I graduated from Portsmouth High School in 1955. I had developed a pretty good lip on the trumpet and decided I wanted to pursue music. The only art I did in high school was to become the school newspaper cartoonist on the school newspaper. I took no courses in art and gave it no thought.
When I discovered that there was no way I could find enough money to enroll in the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, I checked into the world of commercial art. You know. Draw Me the mail order school in Minneapolis, the Famous Artist School run by Norman Rockwell, et al.... I did not even have enough money to attend college, much less these mail order schools. So I worked a year at a local shoe factory and the following year enrolled at the Ohio State University College of Fine Arts. (They did not offer a commercial art course). While there I found it to be boring studying art appreciation and doing three dimensional things out of clay though I did enjoy life drawing.
Unhappy with the curriculum at Ohio State University, 1n 1959, I found an apprentice job at a large commercial art studio in Columbus. While there I saw what I called the art I wanted. It was called illustration. The studio hired only the best artists and they worked with telling a story for the purpose of selling products. At last I was among artists that emphasized realistic drawing above shapes. I did realize that my time at Ohio State University was not wasted as they covered anatomy drawing very well. My direction and thoughts about art was determined at that point in time.
The term art or artist was just too broad for me. Seems that every one could call themselves an artist of some form or another and it was considered a great hobby for some. Throwing paint at a canvas may be called art by the unenlightened translated by me into foolish people. I still feel that way very much today so I have always disassociated myself from those people. I am an illustrator using my talents to tell a story.
All my paintings tell stories of my life, my family, my friends, my loves, my sarcasm, my desires, my travels, my aviation, my hobbies, my music... et al. I am a product of the forties and fifties and see the world much differently than todays society.
I have been fortunate to travel to so many of the worlds countries and museums, thus I cannot be accused of judging that which I have not seen. I call the masters illustrators rather than artists..
So, what you see on this site is my "arto-biography". Every brush stroke defining a point in my life. I am happy to say that any purchase, prints or original, I will be happy to give the story behind the work. Eclectic. Versatile. I can work in any style...any medium. After fifty years in the advertising art business, I retired in 2007 and commenced to assemble past works and illustrate my life.


Buying Snacks at The Ticket Office by Frank Hunter


Smoke Smoke Smoke That Cigarette by Frank Hunter


Tower We Have a Problem by Frank Hunter


Woman With Basket On Head by Frank Hunter


Candy Jar by Frank Hunter


Strange Fruit by Frank Hunter


La Historia Del Bottella by Frank Hunter


Curves, Curves, Curves by Frank Hunter


Grapes by Frank Hunter


Bananas by Frank Hunter


Pineapple, Lemon and Orange by Frank Hunter


Three Oranges by Frank Hunter


Here's An Idea by Frank Hunter


Glass of Wine by Frank Hunter


Gambrinus Beer Bottle by Frank Hunter


beer glass by Frank Hunter


Old Pepsi Bottle by Frank Hunter


Convair 990 Over The Lake by Frank Hunter


Coleen Horton Bridal by Frank Hunter


Penny Coriell bridal by Frank Hunter


Patty Oxley bridal by Frank Hunter


Dr. Francis Dillon by Frank Hunter


Chillicothe Street Portsmouth Ohio by Frank Hunter


Sisters by Frank Hunter


Southern Airways Martin 404 by Frank Hunter


Mohawk Airlines-BAC111 by Frank Hunter


Monterey California Coast by Frank Hunter


California Coast by Frank Hunter


Buick Convertible Water Color Test by Frank Hunter


The Doctor Bolivoufs by Frank Hunter


The Trumpeter Bolivoufs by Frank Hunter


The Drunk Bolivoufs by Frank Hunter


The Road to Pikes Peak by Frank Hunter


Nelson's Ship At Sea by Frank Hunter


Disaster On The Reef by Frank Hunter


The Non-Sober Graduate by Frank Hunter


My Two Sons by Frank Hunter


Daisys by Frank Hunter


Leveq-Lncoln Tower Columbus Ohio by Frank Hunter


Coast Guard Before The Storm by Frank Hunter


Chaos On The Track by Frank Hunter


Rockets to Mars by Frank Hunter


Gourmet Fish Dinner by Frank Hunter


Mystery Painting From 1961 by Frank Hunter


Aviation in Blue and White by Frank Hunter


Lake Central Convair 340 by Frank Hunter


United Airlines DC-6 Over The Islands by Frank Hunter


TWA Convair 880 by Frank Hunter